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What we do

We provide a script proofreading service for individual screenwriters as well as television/film productions.

For screenwriters:

-- Make your script look professional, polished and free of formatting / spelling / grammatical errors, so you can submit to agents, producers, competitions or programs, and ensure you'll be judged on your talent and not disqualifying mistakes.

-- Optional script notes are available upon request.

-- We accept file formats of all major screenwriting software: (Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Fade In, Celtx, WriterDuet, Amazon Storywriter and others).

-- When finished we will send you back the edited file along with a PDF of the finished script

-- Rates start at $250 per script, but depend on the amount of work required - please contact us for a more accurate quote.

For TV and film productions:

-- Experienced professional remote Script Coordination services on a freelance/daily basis as per needs of your TV or film production.

-- We copy edit and format your script to make it production ready, and track changes through script revisions.

-- We accept scripts in Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter.

-- After editing we will provide the edited file, along with the file ready for the next revision, and the PDFs to send to production (both pages and fully collated scripts), complete with title page, cast and set lists.

-- We can provide multiple file formats for the various departments as needed (for Script Supervisors or Editors for example).

-- Fast turnaround and after-hours/weekend work is available in emergency situations.

-- We always work with complete confidentiality, and will sign NDA upon request.

-- Contact us for a quote.

Who we are

We are professional TV writers and script coordinators, who have worked on series for such networks as:

US -- Syfy, CBS, AMC, HBO, CW, USA

Canada -- Showcase, Space, TMN, HBO Canada

Germany -- RTL

France -- M6, Canal +

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Twitter: @script_bae

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